Vimworthy's Patented Swarm Eliminator

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Are you having trouble with swarms (wasps, mosquitos, elephants....)??
If so, let Vimworthy's Patented Swarm Eliminator come to the rescue - with it's fearsome array of omni-directional high-powered spray nozzles, assisted by a pre-heating boiler and super-heater coil, you can head straight into the centre of the swarm, confident in the knowledge that you will take out the whole swarm with one squirt!

Materials: brass, copper, shell cases, "Dron-Wal 5/P" compressed-air sprayer, Tecalemit "Cycle Gun" grease gun
Dimensions: 12" x 17" x 22" (30cm x 43cm x 56cm)
Weight: 9lb (4kg)

This piece was displayed at the "Manifestation" Art Exhibition at Steampunk Doncaster, the Art Exhibition at the Asylum V Steampunk Festival, and the Rowland Emett Society Convention. It was also shown as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks, along with its partner, "The Concentrator". The pair have been seen again together at the Tetbury Sculpture Exhibition and the Savill Garden. In September 2017, they were shown at Kempton Steam Museum in London, and are now on display at Living Art, Hungerford.

The piece also featured in the article entitled "The Science & Art of Domestic Bliss" by Nigel Williams in the Surrey Sculpture Society magazine "Limited Edition", which you can read here (2.8Mb PDF).

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