Nigel Williams creates sculpture from sheet metal (copper, steel, brass, aluminium) and other materials, mostly re-cycled from their previous diverse applications.

For details of exhibitions of work by Nigel Williams, please click here.

"Your sculptures really impress me. They are so alive....
They are special sculptures that transmit energy... like the process of life, the union of nature and science..."
María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa, Sculptress - Lima, Peru

"Wow - and so beautifully made..."
Carol Orwin, Sculptor and teacher - Guildford, UK

"Love the work: really quirky, and beautifully produced. Really imaginative..."
Keith Appleby, Sculptor and lecturer - Oxfordshire, UK

"Bloody marvellous! "
Jim Crockatt, Curator - Berkshire, UK

"Your recent pieces are fabulous, they really make me smile and are so witty."
Kate Rank, Art Teacher - Worcestershire, UK

"The joy when experiencing your work is huge. Lots of admiration and plenty of laughter!"
Jo Swait, Gallery Manager for Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen - Cheltenham, UK

"You have become a master craftsman with your chosen materials. Beautifully made and some very intricate. You seem to combine so many references: to the industrial era, to pure organic forms, to works of a 19th century inventor, to works of sheer fantasy, to machines of practical application and probably many more."
Alan Coddington, Pioneer of interactive audio visual media, UK & Spain

"You bring joy and a smile to people's faces with your inventions."
Sarah Nand-Lal, Researcher - Wales, UK

"Delightfully eccentric"
Trish Lee, Arts Editor of the Newbury Weekly News - UK

"Really inspirational work!"
Michael Jansen, Public Art UK

We are pleased to offer for sale the following sculptures (click on each image for details):

Practical Hat
Opera Glasses

Thrussell & Trobbs
Foot-warmer, toe-tickler and...

Darfoni Pocket
Wireless Communicator

Arkington's Steam

Extraineometer MkVII

Novel Lupine
Chimney Evacuator


Cuprum fluenta
Edwin Budding


Verutum sursumus
Yoruba transition
The FarmStrong
The Concentrator
The Pot-o'Tea'n Still
The Massive Moth




Vimworthy's Patented...
Coronis oricalcinus
Calcerota frondibus
Sapien percuriosus
Tormento pentaphylla
Monitor Medusa
Munitio sanduskia
Mixtec Maxtec
Superhero's blowtorch
Teluma family
Armamentia latifolia
Botanica Mechanica
"Developed Frame"
Ferric Messenger
Fatal Mistake
Wise Afterwards
Chun Caanica
The Face of Orgonia

For details of exhibitions of work by Nigel Williams, please click here.

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