The Novel Lupine Chimney Evacuator

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An encounter with a (very robust) mid-20th-century (electric) drill inspired this attempt to move on in two ways: firstly in period, to a slightly later 'internal-combustion'-driven era, and secondly to step up from eliminating servants (ScaraBooth, Auto-Gardener, etc), to eradicating tradesmen, facilitating the further reduction in outgoings (and consequent increase in wealth) of the well-to-do home owner. The only effort involved in the use of this machine is to hump it into the fireplace and place it on its stand and forward legs, and pull on the two operating levers, and it will do all the work required to remove all the soot from your chimney (no matter how many branches) in one fell swoop, removing any birds nests, trapped burglars and satellite dishes all in one neat automatic operation. A boon to any middle-class suburb-dweller anxious to become less dependent on untrustworthy lower-class tradesmen!

This piece took even longer than usual to create, largely because of the sheer build quality of the base appliance - built like a brick outhouse, almost literally - making it supremely difficult to dismantle, restore and adapt for its new application - but I'm pleased to say no sculptors were maimed or (seriously) injured in the course of its construction (although it did involve the expression of some very inventive oaths, a good deal of shouting, and the production of some very loud noises).

Materials: copper, brass, grease guns, shell-cases, bugles, Wolf-brand electric drills, etc
Dimensions: 24" long x 18" wide x 18" high (61cm x 46cm x 46cm)
Weight: 14lb (8Kg)

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